Hi! There used to be a how-to guide here about creating a Windows installer USB on Linux. Unfortunately, with recent Windows versions, the install.wim file in the ISO is too big (> 4GB) to be included in a FAT32 USB, and therefore this method stopped working. As a result I have removed the old method and linked a new method that you can try.

The new solution is available here. Just in case the site goes down, here is a basic summary of the steps:

  1. Create two partitions, one FAT32 and one NTFS
  2. Copy everything except the sources/ directory from the ISO to the FAT32 partition
  3. Copy sources/boot.wim to the FAT32 partition
  4. Copy the entire ISO to the NTFS partition

I guess the objective is to trick the installer into looking for the install.wim file in the NTFS partition, as soon as it boots up from the FAT32 partition. Of course, if your computer supports booting from NTFS then you don’t need to go through this, but most computers I had to reimage did not have the capability to boot from NTFS.