On China Mobile, when you need to check up your fees or change your plans, you need something called a “service” password, or fúwù mìmǎ (服务密码). And if you are not a Chinese citizen, you can’t look this password up online or change it.

Thankfully, a customer representative from China Mobile explained how to reset the “service” password via an automated system, without visiting one of their local stores. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Method 1

  1. Text 6044 to 10086 (China Mobile’s national hotline number.) The recovery process will begin.
  2. The automated system will send you a bunch of Chinese. Reply with “是”.
  3. A verification code will be sent to you. (e.g. “D9S1H5”)
  4. Hold onto that recovery code for 24 hours, but no more than 36 hours or else the process will stop and reset back to the beginning. Apparently it’s some sort of security measure?
  5. After 24 hours, send that recovery code back as a reply.
  6. Your new service password will be sent back to you in reply.

Method 2

Try this if method 1 did not work.

  1. Follow steps 1-4 from the first method.
  2. Now, instead of texting back the recovery code, send 6045 OR “确认密码重置” as a reply. That Chinese phrase translates to “Confirm Password Reset”.
  3. Your new service password will be sent back to you in reply.

Method 3

Try this if the above two methods have failed.

  1. Call 10086.
  2. Press 4 for “Password and Automated Response Machines.” (密码服务与停复机 - mìmǎ fúwù yǔ tíng fù jī)
  3. Press 1 for “Forgot Password.” (忘记密码 - wàngjì mìmǎ)
  4. Press 2 for “Undocumented Password Reset.” (无证件延时重置 - wú zhèngjiàn yán shí chóng zhì)
  5. A verification code will be sent back to you.
  6. Either follow steps 4-6 from the first method, OR follow step 4 from the first method and steps 2-3 from the second method.

Good luck!